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Music Resources
Album Discographies: This is slick!!! What a great source of information!
All About Jazz: A plethora of information from the finest jazz site on the web.
All Music Guide: Who was that artist? Who did that song? What album is that from? The answer to all your questions.
Austin Record Show: The best damn record show in the state of Texas (the U.S. too). See you there!
BUILD St. Louis: An important organization used to help promote and support local business’ in the St. Louis area. PLEASE, support your local business’!
Goldmine Magazine: The bible of record collecting.
IAJRC: The homepage for The International Association of Jazz Record Collectors. A great organization.
Jazz At The Bistro: A world class Jazz club and the best in St. Louis. Check out Bistro listings as well as other Jazz St. Louis events.
Jazz by Mail: THE place to go for ragtime and trad jazz cd’s. and they’re our down-the-street neighbors to boot!
The Jazz Collector The leading Jazz blog and Jazz website for those who love  Jazz and treasure the history, archives, ephemera and, most of all, the music.
Jet Lag Magazine Archives: The brain child of John The Mailman and Euclid’s own Steve Pick. From 1980-1991 Jet Lag told us where to go and who to like. Check these archives out and find out when the Felon’s will be playing Billy Goat Hill next!
KDHX: 88.1 FM, your best bet for cool sounds in the St. Louis region.
Lo-Fi St. Louis: An amazing source of information on the St. Louis music scene and all in video form.
New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund: We do out 45 series for a number of reason, but this is the number one reason. Jeff and Karen have done amazing things for the musicians who lost everything in the wake of the flood.
Off Broadway: For years it’s been our favorite place to hear music in St. Louis. It’s better than ever!.
Old Orchard: Our neighborhood and the best place in St. Louis for shopping, dining and drinkin’. Find out about upcoming events from the different business and neighborhood events like our Gazebo music and movie series.
The Pageant Nightclub: Euclid Records are proud sponsors of the best place for live music in St. Louis. The only concert venue built from the ground up for Rock ’n’ Roll.
Ponderosa Stomp: Just the best time you will ever have. This annual two day party in New Orleans features the likes of Roy Head, Barbara Lynn, Little Buck Senegal, Dale Hawkins, The Hi Rhythm Section, Lazy Lester, Roky Erickson to name only a few. Dr. Ike sets up the concert highlight of the year, every year Thanks Ike!
Pop25: The ultimate source for following your favorite bands. Track the latest blog postings, MP3’s, MySpace streams and YouTube videos in an easy to use concise format. Rank your favorite bands and get email alerts when news happens.
Puppy Jazz: Fine Jazz supplied by our good buddies in Florida. Hard to find gems here folks!
Rick & Nancy Wood House Concerts: The most intimate venue in St. Louis, Rick and Nancy’s Kitchen. It’s always a big party at Rick and Nancy’s and don’t forget to bring a side dish.
Riverfront Times A-Z Music Blog: Best music blog in St. Louis. Find out what’s new on the StL music scene before it happens. How do you do it Annie?
St. Louis Blues: It’s where to find the blues in St. Louis (not the ones on ice either).
St. Louis Live Music Calender: Looking for upcoming shows in the St. Louis area? Look no further, this is the best and most comprehensive listings around. Thank you Roy.
St. Louis Jazz Notes: Dean Minderman blogs all things Jazz in The ’Lou. A wonderful informative source
Trouser Press Guide: The alternative’s alternative. A great source for punk and beyond.
Twangfest: St. Louis’ finest roots rock festival!
WFMU: The best radio station in America Period, end of discussion. We’re partial to Dave the Spazz, Terre T, Michael Shelley and Gaylord Fields. Who’s your fave rave ’FMU jock?
WFMU Record Fair: The other great record show in the states. Also a really great radio station. See You there too!!!
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